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Meet the Board and Staff

Providing ongoing consistency, support, and encouragement.

Interested in serving on a grass-rooted family-oriented style board, Give Ricki a call @ 970-692-4212 or email: servantsheart@usa.com

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    James Shorkey
  • Vice-President
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    Brenda Schwindt
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    Stacy Blackshere
    Lead Coordinator
    Drive for a Better Life
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    Mark Blackshere
  • mickie.jpg
    Mickie Sadd

Meet the Staff

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    Ricki Skorkey

    Ricki has over 26 years in the nonprofit world.
    She founded The Servant's Heart with a true desire to make a difference.


The Servant's Heart is Proudly Sponsored by

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Help us to inspire and encourage meaningful change.
The Servant’s Heart, Corp. in Fort Collins, Colorado highly appreciates any form of help toward our cause. Making a donation, no matter how small, will make a great difference in someone else’s life. It is through your help that we can continue our mission and help the less fortunate in our community transcend their circumstances. To make a cash donation, kindly click the button below.